1. I love the beach!   Heck, I do live in the Ocean State after all! I would be crazy not to take advantage of what our southern borders have to offer. When I am strolling the shore and breathing in the salt air, I can think. Really think. Bring on the creative juices! 


  1. I love coffee!…(and wine) ok, so that is two things, there really isn’t much of an explanation here. In New England, we are die hards and drink our iced coffee all year round! 


  1. I love to explore! This ranges from getting on an airplane and heading to a new locale or driving to check out local places, both new and old.  Old spots are great since there is a calmness of knowing what to expect. 


  1. I love walks and hikes. If you didn’t know, photographers are famous for sitting behind a computer. I like to break it up with taking a long walk around the neighborhood or on a hiking trail. Bonus if I have a buddy to tag along with, but if I don’t I use my next favorite….


  1. I am obsessed with Podcasts! Oh yeah! I have an insane amount of subscriptions on my iPhone ranging from Happier with Gretchen Rubin to a number of photography, business and motivational shows. I listen to them whenever I can. So if you see me with ear buds, I’m not ignoring you! 


  1. I love the innocence and curiosity of kids. As a former pre-school teacher, I have simply enjoyed observing kids doing their thing. Have you ever tried to figure out what makes them tick? We all need the curiosity that we once had when life seemed so simple. THAT, my friend, sparks creativity! 


  1. I love good piece of chocolate cake! Another one not so hard to describe!


  1. I love a good pair of Havaiana’s on my feet. I did mention loving the beach and should include my love for summer time. What is not to love about the time of year when we can feel more freedom wearing less layers (no socks!) opening the windows, smelling the flowers and, of course, eating ice cream while it’s melting and dripping down ourselves? (Ok, because ice cream might very well be another love of mine!)


  1. I love home projects. Painting, re-decorating, and gardening...the list is endless. One of my last projects was refinishing the kitchen cabinets to correspond with my nautical and beachy theme. I LOVE them!  Nice clean, white cabinets. I will mention that I tackled this knowing the cost of those cabinets…yet, when I finished, I was told that they look professionally sprayed. (Insert proud moment here!) Yup! I am not afraid to try (almost) anything. 


  1. Last, but not least, I love Flamingos! You might have been curious as to why I have one on my logo. While trying to decide what represented me, I kept going back to this beautiful and elegant bird. It stands tall and balanced and has such striking colors. Their coloring depends on what algae and invertebrates they eat due to the pigments in those choices. Did you know that flamingos are a great example of “you are what you eat”? Food for thought! No pun intended.