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I’m Kim! First I would like to give a warm welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit my website! I know that you have a lot of photographers to choose from and I am sooooo honored that you are here,  Hopefully you and I share something in common and will be able to connect over a cup of coffee (do you prefer Starbucks or a super, local coffee shop?)  The phone is an alternative (promise I won't bite!), however if you are at work right now, shoot me an email

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So in case you want to know how I started:

My love of photography started way back to the days of seeing my dad put film in his Canon, slap on a lens and document our family milestones and adventures. I was obsessed with hearing the click of his shutter and thought I was so grown up when he’d let me take a photo with his “heavy” camera! (I STILL have that very camera and it's one of my most cherished posessions!) My love for taking photos never went away. I was always the one with a camera, or two. I decided that it’s what I wanted to do one day….and here I am! 

Photography has become even more important to me due to the loss of  both my parents. I realized just how important having photographs is. It is a way to connect to the past and to those precious memories. They are irreplaceable, don't ya think? Seeing portraits on the wall, or an album full of images truly cannot be beat. My aim is to make sure you have high quality prints and products that will become your family heirlooms for many years to come. Grandparents love them, after all! Really, they do! 


I am a member of PPA (Professional Photographers of America) and PPARI (Professional Photographers of RI) . I volunteer my services for the ALS Association of RI in memory of my mom. 

I keep up on learning my craft by attending workshops and seminars continuously. I am always on the lookout for new ideas and new locations for sessions. 

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