If you choose to book me, you must know that:



I will look for AUTHENTIC and NATURAL emotion.

I am not a fan of the word “cheese” Nope! Nada! I won’t make you say it. I have a few other words in which, I promise, will get a more natural smile from you. Some of my most favorite images are those without a smile. I love to capture love, laughs and even happy tears! Real interaction between you and your family is what moves me the most.


I won’t let you worry about how your hair looks! I am a stickler for that and will keep checking to see that it is looking good. So no need to worry, I will be right there fixing it for you.

I will check that your clothing is in tact also, straps are hidden, bows are not squished and collars are just where they should be! (and if something sneaks by, editing will help cure that!) I will even help you with the clothing choices. (Hint: simple and classic are always better!)


I won’t let you worry about your little ones. As a former preschool teacher, I have lots of patience and will work at getting their attention.  If I see that they are drifting, I will suggest a break and let them regroup. I am not on a strict time crunch when you book a session with me.


I will listen to your thoughts and try to capture what you would like as an end result, but I won’t try to copy exactly what you saw on Pinterest. I LOVE inspiration and would love to make YOUR session as unique as YOU are. I like to be inspired by the chosen location, the décor of your home and things that you love.


You will find that I want you to feel comfortable. It can be intimidating when a camera is focused on you, yet I PROMISE that I will try to make you feel at ease. NO pressure here! I have had several clients tell me that it was way easier than they expected and they had a lot of fun. Heck, I even have fun! Meeting you is the best part of the job! I want your images to be something that you will love, cherish and want to look at for many years to come.


What are ya waiting for? 


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