Updating your headshot is important if you are a professional. A good rule of thumb is to update every 2 years. This will make sure you are current and on trend. 

Here are some reasons why:


  1. You have changed your looks: you may have cut or colored your hair, had a change in weight, or now you wear glasses. 
  2. Your brand has changed, or you have changed jobs: if you are a small business owner, it is a great idea to keep updated as often as possible. If you have changed employers, or started a new career, it is a terrific idea to start fresh. 
  3. Styles have changed: clothing styles change often, how you present yourself as a whole, or your companies branding might have an updated look
  4. You want to be active and current on social media: it is important to show your clients that you are active on social media and not just an outdated version of yourself. Social media changes quickly, and you should keep up with it. 
  5. You want to look professional and show your clients that you care: using a dark, poorly lit photo isn’t going to cut it online. Let your clients see who you are and have a professional use proper lighting to help.
  6. You only make the first impression once!